YDX-06SD Economy Color Toner Filler

Product Details

●.This machine is currently the most convenient and practical toner filling machines
      on the market. Applicable for filling of any toner cartridge and bottle
●. Simple structure, small size, maintenance-free, low noise, easy to operate
●. Peristaltic pump press silicon tube to output toner, toner does not contact metal
     and ensure there won't be any quality affection to color toner
●. Machine comes with 4 drums, no need to clean
●. Completely avoid color mix up

Technical   Parameters:
1.Input Voltage:    220Vac(110Vac), 50~60Hz
2,Rated power:             100 W
3. Hopper capacity:      20 kg
4.Fill range:                  10~8000 g
5.Fill speed:                     10~15g/s
6.Fill accuracy:                 ±1-2g 
7.Size(mm):          660(L)*900(W)*1700(H)
8.Net weight:                            70 kg